Walnut Cracker
Dried nuts such as walnut are grown in countries like Brazil and India Predominantly. The farmers are usually small land owners with little ...
Adapted thermostatic valve for water pasteurization
The task is to adapt a widely available thermostatic valve for use in the solar water pasteurizer.
Rainwater Catchment J Gnarly
Kyle basnett
Design and install a safe, easy to use and maintainable rain water catchment system.
3D-printed Lucky Iron Totems
Lucky iron totems composition must be monitored to ensure that toxic levels of elements are not going to be absorbed by the food cooked in t...
Jefferson Community Center edible landscape
The objective of this project is to transform the landscape located at the front entrance of the Jefferson Community Center and Charter Scho...
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Shoe
The goal is to construct a piezoelectric energy harvesting device that can generate enough energy to create a noticeable charge in a battery...
Pipe T-fitting
Accessing clean water is still a struggle for many people throughout the world. In areas devastated by natural disasters, it can take years ...
Tent Vertex Joint
The purpose of this build was to make it easier and more convenient for individuals around the world to construct shelters with the resource...
Modular Coral Regrowth Post
The posts are of a modular design, and can be built up to allow for more coral to be placed on a single vertical post. The rods slide throug...
Disaster Relief Housing Platform
Simple and easy to produce, temporary housing platform to to aid in living conditions after a natural disaster
Rain Water Purification and Storage
Rainwater harvesting is one of the efficient ways of utilizing rain water for household purposes. Many of the underdeveloped and developing ...
Hand cultivator
This is an appropriate tool because it assists in making a better garden that will produce more crops.
Filament Extruder
Nick D.
This extruder allows you to create cheap filament from ground/pelletized plastic
OSAT 3D Printed Finger Splint
This is a 3D printed finger splint used for immobilizing fingers to facilitate healing. Within the medical field, studies have been found th...
OpenFlexure Block Stage
Richard Bowman
This project is a 3D printable design that enables very fine (sub-micron) mechanical positioning of a small moving stage, with surprisingly ...
Peanut Mill
Hannah Stoll
This hand powered machine is a food processing tool that will grind peanuts down so they can be made into peanut butter. There aren't many 3...
Inside Corner Trowel
When money is hard to come by and other tools take priority, a tool that makes a corner at a 90 degree angle is usually not high on the list...
Bamboo Joints for house
This is a Bamboo Joint model that can be used in building bamboo houses, rooms or any sort of suspended pavilions.
Simple Forestry Densiometer
This tool removes all guess work out of determining canopy cover, which is a very useful metric for foresters and construction companies loo...
Ergonomic bike grips
This fulfills the need for a comfortable cheap alternative for current bike grips on the market. Below is a picture of the bike grips attach...
Automated Plastic Grinder/Recycler
Affordable and strong plastic grinder
Micro water turbine
This micro water turbine can be paired with a DC generator for power generation applications. The micro design allows for the turbine to be ...
Hand Washing Station
With a portable easy to use unit that uses a limited amount of water to be able to have in a village or house in a place with out access to ...
Water Dew Collector
There are water droplets accumulated on the top of that surface. This is usually seen when a cold water is kept in a glass or early morning ...
Composite Materials Resin Mixing & Pouring Container
The design is made using OpenSCAD and is mostly parametric, allowing for adjustments in volume, wall thicknesses, and pouring hole sizes to ...
Garden Rip and Seed Tool
This project was originally intended for the developing world to aid in farming and rapid planting.
The goal is to provide any number of farmers, herders, or others access to custom, new horseshoes.
Fish Cleaning Tool
This multi-functional tool is all that would be needed to quickly and effectively clean fish in order to increase the storage life.
Raspberry Pi Camera Calibration Jig
Richard Bowman
A 3D-printed jig to uniformly illuminate the Raspberry Pi camera module's sensor, for the purpose of calibrating its response to different c...
Stethoscope (Monaural)
This design could fall under the 3rd "OSAT Sustainable Development Goal" for good health and well being. Strictly speaking, stethoscopes are...
Otto DIY Workshop
Otto is truly Opensource robot for education; it means the hardware is easily discerned so that others can make it, is also Arduino compatib...
Mineral Sifter
The mineral sifter is an excellent example of OSAT. Sifters are a major time saver, especially in third world countries where simple applian...
Spikeling - A hardware implementation of the Izhikevich model of a spiking neuron.
Tom Baden
Understanding of how neurons encode and compute information is fundamental to our study of the brain, but opportunities for hands-on experie...
Urine Diverter for Composting Toilet
Will Omberg
This reduces the smell and pathogens that are present in the toilet. Excess moisture in the toilet creates an anaerobic environment which pr...
Victor Kumbol
We’re building an equipment called an actimeter. At the simplest, the actimeter is used to measure and record the locomotor activity - how f...
OSAT 3D Printed Hand Pump
The 3-D Printed Hand Pump is an OSAT that allows liquid to be pumped from a reservoir to a container. Hand pumps are needed in across the gl...
Lightweight Wrenches
These wrenches are easy to carry, relatively durable, and much cheaper than conventional options. They can be made with locally available ma...
Pointer Trowel
The trowel is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the use of suppo...
Scrub Brush
Pierce Mayville
This is a scrub brush for cleaning what ever it is that needs a little elbow grease. It costs a fraction of commercially available scrub bru...
Charcoal Holder Pen
The pen will keep the canvas that they are using free from excess smudges where the charcoal would have made their hands messy. Having the c...
Bernd Muschard
The CubeFactory 2 is an autonomous and portable mini factory with own energy and material supply. It embeds three modules: a 3D-printer, a p...
Kidney Tray
Jordan Null
Kidney Trays are used to hold surgical tools and keep them from being contaminated.
Update to Changeable Garden Tool Heads
A universal, ergonomic handle, and update two tools to interchange easily with a handle.
Open Source Salt Spray Chamber
The project has been expanded to convert all designs of the salt spay chamber to open source design.
Laurel Tree Charter School human powered blender
The human powered blender is a device intended to be used by students in grades K-12 at Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata, California. Th...
Modular hand held arm with Backsaver grip attachment and Leaf Claws
With a modular setup, this device can be used as multiple tools in one. Main applications could be for people from third world countries whe...
Flock House Biopod
Sarah Morton
The objective of the main unit is to provide enough dehydrated food to significantly contribute to the sustenance of the two individuals who...
Pinhole Bifocal Eyeglasses
To allow people in poverty to have decent eyesight, thus able to read, learn, travel and work better.
Test Tube Photometer
Alexander Kutschera
It consists of modular test tube holding chambers, each with a low power monochromatic light-emitting diode, and a monolithic photodiode. A ...
Modified Spork Design
The idea of combining a spoon with a fork has existed for years now. For certain situations, this innovation can be more efficient (for exam...
Framing Spacer
This segmented design is able to account for the variations in stud width (Metal Stud = 1.375 in., Wood 2x4 = 1.5 in.) and stud-center to st...
Bucket Shower
Countries that are not as developed as the United States and others have access to very little running water, if any at all. This means that...
DIF Adobe Senior Center 2007
La changa
The DIF wanted to construct a space for the viejitos of Parras who do not have families to be able to relax and enjoy a meal and the company...
Ice Scraper
Its purpose is to be able to scrape ice off of objects that have the ability to accumulate ice. In order to increase usability, the scraper ...
Open Source Ultrasonic Whistle
Wolves are a problem with reindeer husbandry. This 3D-printed ultrasonic whistle is a cheap method to be used as a wolf preventative. As pro...
Use Li-ion Batteries Instead of Alkaline
Electric/electronic devices, designed to run on 3 volts (traditionally 2 AA, AAA, C, D alkaline batteries), are quite prolific around the wo...
OpenFlexure Microscope
Richard Bowman
The OpenFlexure Microscope is a 3D printable microscope, including a precise mechanical stage to move the sample and focus the optics. The...
Kreg Jig
These jigs are used to make holes to join together pieces of wood in products such as tables, clocks, nightstands, or any fine finished wood...
Integrated Smoke Alarm Delta Mod
This is an implementation of using a photoelectric smoke detector to trigger the reset pin on the Beaglebone Black Rev C being used on the M...
Umbilical Cord Clip
Nicolas Winkler
This clip can easily be printed and used for a new born baby. Most clips use a latch to keep shut, by realizing that you can slide an umbili...
Dual Tone Air Raid/Security Siren
This is a 3D printed Security Siren that could be used in low income areas where theft or other problems are an issue. The purpose of the si...
Manual Centrifuge Apparatus
Manual Centrifuge Apparatus is a scientific equipment which is widely used in chemical and clinical labs all around the world. This apparatu...
3-D printable photovoltaic module spacer
RepRap 3-D printing has already been shown to be a versatile tool for fabricating novel photovoltaic racking designs, however, they can also...
3D Print Speculum
3D printed parts are able to be rapidly produced at low cost making them ideal for disposable medical equipment. In areas where advanced med...
This OSAT is a heavy-duty rope pulley that can be used to raise water from a well [1]. This pulley can be customized to any desired size, an...
Tool-Free Tile Leveling System
The goal of the system is to be easy to use, effective, low cost, and fully editable. If needed, the entire system can be customized for an ...
PET Bottle Shredder
These shredders allow the use of the cut PET to be used in things like crafts and possibly for printing purposes.
Straw Filter
This 3D printable straw filter should allow for cheaper and more readily available access to clean water at a lower price as most of the com...
Non-electric Megaphone
Alan Freeman
This megaphone is OSAT appropriate because there are practical uses for such a device in developing countries. A few examples would be alert...
Hori Hori Knife / Shovel
The hori hori has uses in gardening such as weeding, cutting roots, transplanting, removing plants, sod cutting, and splitting perennials.
Bike Cargo Rack
Erik Bain
Since bicycles are used for transportation, a cargo rack is a helpful accessory for hauling goods or personal items. A 3D printable cargo ra...
Wire Sensor Holder
This project will help hold a wire that has an inductor on the end to sense a frequency induced wire that is burried under ground. It will b...
Flock House Handcar Generator
The objective is to create a human powered generator that produces energy in an entertaining and innovative way that may be operated by peop...
Athena Engraver mod
Sasank Potluri
Engraver mod on the Athena II printer allows you to engrave various designs on acrylic sheets, plexiglass, cardboard and/or wooden surfaces....
3d printable prosthetic foot
This 3D printable prosthetic foot design was built to help reach out to those in need of a foot. Prosthetics have been around for a long tim...
Aquaponics System
Mark Hansen
The idea behind this prototype is that you can buy a singular block and then scale the layout later. This design for a scalable aquaponics s...
Calipers are a useful tool because they provide a bit more accuracy than a standard ruler.
Ankle Brace Night Splint
An easy treatment in the earlier stages of the injury can be the use of ankle splints during sleep which helps lengthen the plantar fascia t...
Redwood Coast Montessori climbing wall
The purpose of this project is to replace the current play structure at the Redwood Coast Montessori School (RCMS) and the Manila Community ...
Low Profile Projector Ceiling Mount
David Eychaner
Low profile bracket that had a small shelf to manage the power supply, 4 through holes for attaching it to the ceiling, as well as a counter...
Water bottle filter
This printable design requires some filament (preferable ABS), a tea bag, and activated carbon to create. This allows the user to drink filt...
Snap Together Snow Shovel
Brett Hulbert
This project consists of multiple components that can be assembled into a full scale snow shovel. Some commercial shovels are very expensive...
Honey Forge
Honey Forge for bees that are constantly losing their natural habitat.
OSAT project - Infantometer
Proper growth of infants and young children is paramount to the development of well-functioning adults. Hospitals in developing countries la...
Stethoscope upgrade
Kev Man
Having 3D printed medical diagnostic equipment could give underprivileged areas cheap and easy access to much needed tools, while also letti...
Snap together shovel
This shovel was designed to be a tool that can be fully modulated for the users current needs and environment. Shovels are used everywhere a...
Fruit crusher
Haley alexis
This fruit crusher project is designed for less developed countries that do not have access to the technology that other countries have
Micro-turbine for water power
This is a cross-flow turbine[1], basically a water wheel turned by stream to produce energy. This provides energy without the cost of fossil...
Weighing scales/mass balance
A simple Roberval measuring scale design that can be adjusted to support different weight multiples. By design, the exact positioning of the...
Chicken Feeder/Waterer w/ adapter
This is a baseplate for a poultry feeder and waterer, which a gallon jug would be used as the hopper. This solution provides safe, short-ter...
La Yuca schoolroom renovation
The objective is to fix the ecoladrillo schoolroom by adding a new plaster to the walls, fixing the floor, and fixing the ventilation of the...
Surgical retractors really complex
Surgical retractors are used in order to hold tissue aside while surgery is performed on some underlying bodily structure. Depending on the ...
Bike Handlebar Plug
A customizable Bike Handlebar Plug designed using OpenSCAD.
Locally manufactured thermostatic valve for water pasteurization
A thermostatic valve for a solar water pasteurization device.
Laser Trip-wire shut-off for Delta Printer
Laser Trip-wire shut-off for Delta Printer
Electronic Stethoscope
This stethoscope avoids that by using an electret microphone and audio amplifier to drive a pair of earbuds. This allows for high amplificat...
Flock House EcoDermis
The Flock House project is a concept to provide a new form of housing for different migrating populations throughout the world.
Recyclebot v5.0
The main goal of this project is to be able to make a robust, self correcting filament extruder to be used to work with any filament or recy...
Mayank Moon
Flowmeters are the devices that are used to measure the flow of liquid & gases that pass through them.
Garden water sprinkler
This garden water sprinkler can be easily used to sprinkle water on a certain given region of garden by inserting a jet stream of water.
3-D Printing Solar Photovoltaic Racking in Developing World
A customizable open-source PV racking concept is designed, prototyped for three types of modules, constructed into systems, and outdoor test...
Butterfly Handlebars for bike
This is a butterfly bicycle handlebars designed to fit 25.4 mm clamp.
Talbot Type Water Tap
Talbot water taps are used extensively throughout the low income countries of the world. This type of tap is extremely useful for them, but ...
Snow shoes
This allows for easier movement across powdered snow, without taking a lot of effort to pull your foot out of knee deep snow with every step...
Saline Water Filter
The Dean
The idea of evaporating sea water in order to turn it into freshwater has been around for centuries or more. The technology has been used on...
Ground collector
This ground collector is based on the nut, golf ball, tennis ball, or fruit collectors that are on the market. Simply put, a rolling cage is...
Improved GPS Belt Clip
The goal of this project was to improve on a previous design which targeted to make a GPS belt clip, this is specifically targeted at search...
Load Carrier for labour
This project , has been designed to help such people. The load carrier is designed in such a way , that the weight of is evenly distributed ...
Poseidon - Open source bioinstrumentation
Lior Patcher
An easy-to-use, highly customizable, and open source syringe pump and microscope system.
Field Dressing Tool
The OSAT field dressing tool allows the user to cut only what is needed in a safe manner. So with this tool the user can field dress an anim...
2 Liter Winnower
Medley Inc
Winnowing is a process to remove lighter particles of chaff, dirt, etc from grain and other products typically by throwing it into the air a...
Bow and Hand Drill Set
The Bow and hand drill set will provide the ability of a knowledgeable individual to create fire with relative ease The simple design has wi...
Acorn Sheller
The goal of this project is create a safer way to smash and shell acorns
Hyperspectral scanner for natural imaging above and under water
Noora Nevala
Here, we designed and implemented a fully open source and low-cost hyperspectral scanner based on a commercial spectrometer coupled to custo...
Open Source Fume Extractor
This project was intended to remove soldering fumes from the air.
OSAT Jump Rope Design
This provides a cheap alternative for either single use or could be used to make a big jump rope for 3+ people at a time.
Minnow Trap
Minnow traps can be essential for collecting your own bait when none is available to purchase and are relatively inexpensive to purchase.
Spoon Multi-tool
This is a Spoon multi-tool that was built using open-source technology. It is appropriate because it takes something relatively important an...
Chujio la maji la gharama nafuu
Makala hii inahusika na uundaji wa mfumo wa kuchuja maji wa gharama nafuu sana. Uchujaji maji unaweza kufanyika kama kuna njia chache ama ha...
Open-Source Photometric System for Enzymatic Nitrate Quantification
Nitrate, the most oxidized form of nitrogen, is regulated to protect people and animals from harmful levels as there is a large over abundan...
Open sustainability
This is the creation of a utensil that can be easily printed by a 3D printer anywhere around the world. Our wish at project spork is to enab...
Ethanol from organic sugar beets versus refined cane sugar
The purpose of my project is to determine the cost inputs and energy outputs of small scale ethanol production from local and conventional s...
Banana Tree Fibre Female Hygienic Pads
Absorbent properties of banana fibres. It is necessary to develop an inexpensive and sustainable product to allow these girls and women to h...
Fork Support for Bike
A fork support is inserted in between the fork of a bike to help hold the suspension rigid during transportation the bike.
Bicycle Brake Caliper
Brake Calipers are an important component required to build a bicycle.
FBP Hot Dang Plastic Encasement
This simple device not only saves hours of painstaking labor, but also increases the viability of the nut as a cash crop.
Water bottle stripper
Bloody Scoundrel
This design is potentially very useful in developing countries because water bottle waste is something that is plentiful throughout the worl...
Seed sowing tool (3D printed)
This equipment can be used to sow seeds with relative ease, compared to hand sowing. This product was designed for minimum number of parts a...
Dial Indicator
Devon Smith
This is useful for any kind of precise measurement of thickness, depth, width, and can even be used to ensure a machining device or tool is ...
Bike Hub Pelton Turbine
This design is tough to make by hand, but is a lot more efficient than a water wheel.
Modular PC104 Case
PC104 stacks are commonly used in automation and controls applications which could be a potentially hazardous environment for sensitive elec...
Fuel Container Restraint
The corner restraint is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the us...
Adjustable Bike Mirror
This OSAT creates makes biking safer by providing a cheap, easy, adjustable way to mount a mirror to the handlebars of a bicycle.
Raidlight Responsiv
Raidlight / Skis Rossignol SAS
Sac gilet Responsiv Raidlight
Bulb/Seed Planter
The idea of this OSAT is a small, easily producible, hand sized, bulb and seed planter. The current opening fits groupings of seeds or a sma...
La Yuca rainwater catchment 2012
Cheyenne Celada
The objective of this project is to provide inexpensive potable water and water for cleaning to the local school in La Yuca, Santo Domingo b...
Open source hoe
This tool can also dig out weeds in farms. Up until now options of very low cost hoes was very limited.
Corn Crusher
This device is supposed to replace the mortar & pestle by making it easier and less labor-intensive to grind corn into flour.
Smart Phone Adaptive Otoscope
An otoscope is a medical instrument or device used to examine of the eardrum and the passage of the outer ear, which can be dificult to see ...
First, this will be useful in education, where protractors can be used to help teach geometric concepts. Additionally, they can be used in c...
E305 backyard biodigester
The object of our project is to take organic waste including dog, cow, and horse excrement, as well as kitchen waste and recycle it. Methane...
Openspritzer - an open hardware pressure ejection system for reliably delivering picolitre volumes.
Maxime Zimmermann
Designed for ease of use, robustness and low-cost, the “Openspritzer” is an open hardware “Picospritzer” as routinely used in biological lab...
Printable non-puncturing textile fastener
This two piece device allows you to get a firm hold on any type of textile without puncturing them. The first part of the device, which we w...
OSAT Bike Seat
This OSAT project is appropriate for countries where bikes are heavily relied on and cheap spare parts are helpful and necessary. In many co...
Actually Functional 2 Wafer Dipper for Schott Duran 250 ml beaker
This 2 inch wafer dipper is designed to fit into a 250 ml Schott Duran beaker. Number of wafers that can be fitted are automatically calcula...
Screw driver
With this design I always see screw drivers being made, however I wanted a simple design of a screw driver but also allowing me to store bit...
Medical Tweezers
Designed in response to a request for Medical Tweezers from Field Ready. This is a versatile design for Medical Tweezers as it's designed in...
Bike Pedals
Mitchell DeNooyer
This bike pedal is a good prototype for what the possibilities are for this project. This pedal is fully 3D printed and clips together aroun...
Fully Printable Wild Berry Scoop Picker
The scoop allows the picker to keep a further distance from the bush, putting a barrier between them and any creatures living in the plants....
Bike rack
Rear Bike rack
Hand Shovel
The design of the shovel is to be very wide to improve scoping efficiency.
Universal handguards
Wes Gratz
5Hand guards are often used in snowmobiling to protect the hands against wind, snow, and tree branches.
Measuring DC electrical energy production from micro-renewables
Energy monitoring electronics
FlyPi - A 3D-printable open-source platform for fluorescence microscopy, optogenetics, and accurate temperature control during behaviour of zebrafish, Drosophila, and Caenorhabditis elegans
Andre Maia Chagas
"Flypi" is a 3D printable all in one biology lab that can be used for state of the art experiments in neurosciences as well as for human int...
Open Source 3D printed water pump
In much of the developing world it is very common to collect water in a bucket this water is then used for around the house needs. Having th...
3-D Printable Speaker Demo
This page contains the instructions and files necessary to 3D-print a loudspeaker.
Tools To Measure Children's Height
This OSAT allows for children's heights to be accurately measured in any environment. Traditional stadiometers are expensive, costing around...
HSU Bike powered washing machine
The house already operating with a grey water system will be able to conserve water by controlling how much water is used and where it drain...
Handlebar grips
This part was built to meet the needs of one of our professors; Dr. Greshenson, that heads a bike Enterprise program at Michigan Tech.
Black Mamba Bike pedal
The overall goal of this project is to make open source models of as many bicycle parts as possible.
Leaf Press for Leaf Protein Concentrate
Leaf Protein Concentrate (LPC) is a protein rich substance similar to a curd or cottage cheese. LPC can be made from many varieties of leafs...
Dental Chair
Dental Chair
Auto-Clearance Adjustable Triple Hotend Effector
Nick D.
This Effector for a column delta printer, like the MOST delta RepRap allows different hotend nozzle sizes to be used
Surgical Retractor Complex
This design seeks to address the high cost and many variations of complex surgical retractors used today. This design is intended to serve a...
LED Zappelin', An open source and versatile LED controller for arbitrary spectrum visual stimulation and optogenetics during 2-photon imaging.
Maxime Zimmermann
Two-photon (2P) microscopy is a cornerstone technique in neuroscience research, but combining this technology with spectrally arbitrary ligh...
Drip irrigation stake
Alex Kampf
The OSAT is Drip irrigation assembly combining the stake and drip emitter with tubing. The Drip Irrigation Stake fulfills the purpose of pro...
A simple item often needed is a pair of tweezers – used for a range of purposes, from removing foreign bodies to handling sterile bandages. ...
Open Source Rope Pump Valve
Nick D.
Rope pumps are an incredibly easy and cost effective way of raising water to the surface. The main hindrance is the valves that go on the ro...
OSAT Bike Pedal
The pedal is intended as usable substitute for a factory bike pedal, though not totally equivalent.
Limb Prosthetic
This limb prosthetic could be used in areas where such would be hard to come by or too expensive to buy. It could also be used for someone w...
Chicken Feed Holder
Appropriate chicken feed holders can help keep feed isolated from being contaminated by feces and hence makes minimizes the outbreak of dise...
Seed Drill Punch
In the most basic form, a seed drill is a device that will position seeds in soil, without waste. This idea was an improvement over sowing s...
Fruit Picker
This project is made for people who wish to pick unreachable fruit from trees. Forcing fruit out of a tree causes it to bruise and spoil qui...
Can Opener
Can Opener
Measuring cup
The openscad project is set to print a 1 cup measuring cup, but can be easily scaled to any practical size for cooking.
14 Day Pill Dispenser
A pill holder to hold daily pills for up to 14 days
Updated Forestry Densiometer (Smartphone Capable)
Densiometers are simple tools used by foresters all over the world to roughly estimate the amount of foliage coverage in a certain area of t...
Arduino Voltage Amplifier
Andre Maia Chagas
a voltage amplifier based on LM741, run with 9V batteries and shaped as an Arduino Due shield
Michael Weinberg
A raspberry pi-powered display for tracking NYC subway trains
Hand Wood Planer
The hand wood planer is designed for making medium to detailed design cuts on wood.
Field Ready Design - Nebuliser
A nebuliser works by using compressed air to convert liquid medicine to an aerosol that can be inhaled by the patient.
Dust Mask
It allows people to create their own dust masks to fit the correct size (by scaling up or down), and it uses more readily available material...
Raspberry Pi Control and Wireless Interface
The Raspberry Pi is an affordable computing solution, with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, power supply, and MicroSD card for OS costing a total...
Blind Person's Assistant
Aliaksei Petsiuk
The Blind Person's Assistant is based on ultrasound measurements. The sensor in bracelet measures distance in front of it in the range up to...
Manual Rotating Pea Sheller
Pea picking is a common practice across the United States and around the world. People grab their family's and head out to the field to coll...
CNC Router Lubrication and Chip Clearing
The goal of this design is to allow a lubrication and chip clearing module addition to a CNC router. This system consists of an external uni...
Charcoal Pen
This charcoal pen is useful in developing countries as some school supplies cannot be found and afforded in low class towns and villages
Bike Thru Axle
Make bike transportation more accessible and to decrease the cost and increase the ability to repair a bike that has a broken axle
Daily menstrual cycle tracker
This device cheaply allows women to track their cycle easily, and can also be used when a couple is having trouble having kids. Women having...
OpenFlexure Simple Illumination
Julian Stirling
Simple illumination for the OpenFlexure microscope. This is simply a mounted LED and resistor.
Car Heater-Vent Hanger
This is a device that clips into the heater vents for anyone who owns a car. For an example, this hanger can be used to dry out gloves or si...
Multimeter Negative Probe Holder
This product is complete and it functions as a negative probe holder.
Redwood Coast Montessori chicken coop
The Chicken Coop project's objective was to house and protect poulty that may be owned by the school.
Direct drive extrusion hot end for flexible materials
The current setup on the Athena II printer is not suited for flexible materials like ninja flex. Due to the bowndeth sheath setup we mostly ...
Micro Lathe
This OSAT is a Micro Lathe. It uses an open source three jaw, self centering chuck, which can be found here. The frame, while in Beta, is ne...
Bowfishing Rest
T peters
The doughnut shaped design will not allow the arrow to leave the rest while the bow is positioned in any shooting angle, the parts are stout...
Chicken Tractor (Optimized Construction and Design)
Chicken tractors are commonly used all over the world as mobile chicken coops, however they have not been given much engineering attention. ...
OSHE High Temperature 3D Printer
High Temperature 3D Printer
Picohydro generator
The generator requires a laminated steel core to which strong magnets are attached. Cutting out laminates for the generator core by hand tak...
Athena Dual Extrusion Single Hotend
This method however requires extra hardware and reduces the size of your build space. Also this method requires careful calibration of nozzl...
3D Printable Cider Press
The cider press is an older technology that has been used for ages to make juices from fruit. The cider press enabled people to move from ma...
Thermometer Jar Unicef Supply Catologue
UNICEF's supply catalogue is used to acquire commodities to respond to the needs of children and their families worldwide.
A bike seat is a simple, but necessary part of a bike that holds most of the weight of the biker. In many developing countries, biking is th...
Open Source Plate Reader
Brian Chow
OSP is a low-cost open-source plate reader built out of the [Chow Lab](http://chowlab.seas.upenn.edu/) and the [George H. Stephenson Foundat...
Improved Potato Ricer
Matthew K. Makarewicz
A potato ricer is used as a way to mash potatoes. It is a preferred methods of mashing potatoes. This tool can allow people to improve their...
Variable Sifter
This OSAT project is meant to provide utility in sifting for a variety of applications.
3D Printed Shoes
A lack of adequate footwear is more than a simple inconvenience or lack of comfort. Millions are infected or dying each year due to the spre...
Community Comment Box
This OSAT prototype is a community comment box where members can drop in comments that can not be removed other than by removing the lock fr...
James Taylor
Adjustabike is the concept of an open source build your own bike kit. It is made of standard aluminium tubes and custom attachments you can ...
Crawler Harness Holder
Crawler Harnesses can be cumbersome to keep in your tackle box without a holder and more often than not, if you're walleye fishing, you have...
Field Ready Design - ECG Lead Holder
This design was created in response to a design request submitted by Field Ready, a non-profit 501c3, that seeks to make field ready humanit...
Ankle Splint
This ankle brace is designed to be stronger and more versatile than other OS ankle braces available online. Most notably, this brace does no...
Spoke wrench
The spoke wrench is used to loosen and tighten spokes on bike wheels when trying to true a wheel.
Starter Handle
The snowmobile pull starter handle is appropriate for OSAT due to some peoples ability to access various snowmobile parts around the world. ...
Thomas Hervé Mboa
We built an open source Incubator for biology lab in Cameroon; since most of them are under-equipped due to the high cost of lab equipment. ...
3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system for optoelectronic measurements
Simple 3-D printable open source hardware designs have proven to be effective scientific instruments at low costs. Further development in th...
Laurel Tree Charter School energy use visualization
Provide Laurel Tree Charter School with an energy monitoring system that shows energy consumption in a way that was both interesting and und...
Alexander Kutschera
Here we work on the development of software tools and a low-cost open hardware setup to study how bacteria move.
Toilet Paper Holder
This is a helpful OSAT project because it will help anyone in the developing world keep any toilet paper off the ground where it could poten...
Newspaper briquet maker
The need was expressed for a device in which could turn waste newspaper and other light paper products into small burnable briquettes. This ...
OSAT Wind Turbine
A Wind turbine bade
OSHE Growbot Motor Encoders
This OSAT project was created to assist the senior capstone project for the Open Source Hardware Enterprise, OSHE Growbot. The parts designe...
Bike Chain Tensioner
This chain tensioner can be used to address issues with chain hopping, chain slap, and rattles.
Bike Chain
This design can be printed to produce a bicycle chain to be used with a bike
Patrick Gilland
Hemostats are a medical alternative to clamps. They are especially useful when the user only has one hand available or access to something f...
Low force snaps for easy assembly/dis-assembly of mating parts
This snap system can be ultered to be size appropriate for the job it is needed for. This design is based off of a sew in style, has holes t...
Modified cap for turning two-liter bottle into sharps disposal container
Modified cap for turning two-liter bottle into sharps disposal container
A Hand Powered Hay and Leaf Baler
Baling materials on such as hay, straw or leafs has many advantages as these bales are typically used to store excess materials or feed anim...
CCAT kid bike power
Dana Martin
This display will be hands-on where a child can use their own power to operate an electronic device. The importance of this project is to pl...
Electric Mountain Board
Electric Mountain Board
Modular Peg Board
The modular pegboard is designed to replace more costly methods of tool storage. I chose to create a customizable pegboard due to the large ...
Car Charging Port
This product brings out these ports and makes it mindless to plug in cables while driving. Soon there will be options for a shelf as well.
Jefferson Community Center compost
The objective of this project is to build a compost system for the WCIA that will handle their green waste materials, as well as provide a n...
Bicycle part
Table Saw Fence Push Stick
This part solves the problem of making very thin cuts on a table saw in a safe way. All current push sticks or push blocks on the market do ...
Gyro mini nutating mixer
it is an ideal for mixing samples in blood and centrifuge tubes.
CubeSat Attitude System Airbearing Test Bed
Goal of this project is a design of a tool for attitude system testing for CubeSat class of satellites. It is based on the airbearing princi...
Wild Berry Scoop Picker
This berry picker is designed to fit onto gallon-sized milk jugs. The milk jug is used as the receptacle for the berries and as the handle.
Fishing Pole Rod Holder
The fishing pole rod holder is OSAT as it allows a person that is fishing to set their fishing pole in the holder that sticks into the groun...
Improved Hammer
For the purpose of being an open source appropriate technology, I have identified a few areas the concept of a 3D printable hammer can be im...
Safety Switch Cover
This object was created using FreeCAD for the use of the Principia College Science Department. Its initial use is for their optics lab. One ...
Microscope incubation box for home built single molecule microscope
Hydroponic halo ring
Used to evenly water plants from a central location using a timer and a water pump.
CCAT cob protection and beautification
The goal of the project was to implement a solution that would protect and beautify the cob installations at CCAT
CCAT kitchen effluent particulate filter
The objective of this project is to assist CCAT by improving their greywater treatment system
Hands-Free Crutch
This Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) aims to decrease the overall cost of a standard crutch and to enter the specialized market.
Athena II Laser Engraver mod
This Laser Engraver mod on the Athena II printer will allow you to engrave various designs on cardboard and/or wooden surfaces (acrylic mate...
Compost Toilet Hinge
Toilet seats and hinges are an overlooked item in the modern world. A proper seat and hinge provides support for when nature calls. This ite...
Fecal Sample Collection Kit
This device is used to collect a small fecal sample for testing. This can range from DNA testing to testing for disease. Fecal matter can te...
Pruning hook
Pruning hooks are usually used to cut branches down from trees, but in Ghana pruning hooks are used to cut down cocoa pods from tall trees. ...
Contoured Spigot for 5-gallon buckets
Spigots manufactured for self-attachment typically rely on large gaskets to maintain a seal, which works with varying success on the curved ...
Modular hand held arm with Backsaver grip attachment
With a modular setup, this device can be used as multiple tools in one. Main applications could be for people from third world countries whe...
Beekeeping Queen Rearing Kit
Stephen Krease
Beekeeping provides a source of food to the owner as well as a product which they can sell as a means of income.
Alm Retractor
Printed surgical tools in low income countries
Laurel Tree Charter School onderdonk's box
The objective of the Current Specialists was to design, build and implement a learning apparatus to teach the difference between series and ...
Non-drive side crank
The project is a part of the bike, offered by Dr. John Gershenson.
Improved PET Bottle Stripper
This Bottle Stripper turns PET bottles into long strips that can be used to weave baskets, use as fishing line, use as a type of rope, or po...
Athena 24V Round Heated Bed
This project aimed to give the Athena Delta printer a sleek looking heated bed that took advantage of the printer's shape.
Bottle Cap LED Lighting
The proposed design utilizes a recycled bottle and cap (with a cap diameter equal to or greater than that of a 2L pop bottle) as a portable,...
3-D printing open-source click-MUAC bands for identification of malnutrition
An effective method for the diagnosis of severe acute malnutrition is the measurement of the middle upper arm circumference (MUAC).
A monochromator is a device which takes light and transmits it to into a narrow band of wavelengths. Using a form of mechanical filtering (d...
Spoon Fork Knife
This OSAT is a Spoon Fork and Knife Combo. This is an appropriate utensil that gives the developing world the opportunity to no longer eat w...
3D Printed Bike Seat
Small Bike seat and seat post that can be used to replace an original bike seat. I believe this could be beneficial to people that don't hav...
1/2 Drive Speed Brace
The purpose of this tool is to quickly remove fasteners after they have been broken loose using a breaker bar or ratchet. This tool is meant...
Changeable Garden Tool Heads
This set reduces the cost of such tools not only by using cheap material, but also because it is only necessary to have one handle as the di...
Open Source Monochromator
Monochromators are used in optics to isolate certain wavelengths from a light source made up of many wavelengths
Neck Immobilizer for Trauma
This is meant to be used by EMT or other first responders for immobilizing a head and neck after major trauma, keeping the head steady durin...
FBP The Full Bell
The objective of this project is to reduce the cost of the current Universal Peanut Sheller. The new peanut sheller will be used in West Afr...
OSAT 3D Printable Treadle Pump
The treadle pump is a lift pump designed to irrigate small plots of land. Treadle pumps are designed to be operated by the farmer or hand in...
Advanced Tent Stake
This is a twisted tent stake designed for use in more challenging soil types.
Mattole Community Center rainwater catchment
This project is for greywater usage and may not meet clean drinking water standards. (not potable water)
Pocket Wrench
The pocket wrench is an excellent example of OSAT. Wrenches are a universal necessity, especially in third world countries where buying some...
Parametric Vertical Storage
This device is meant to help 3rd world countries who do not have access to small containers. This device could be used to protect from anima...
Rain water filter/bottler
Jack Hicks
This device collects rain water in a water bottle or any container that has standard bottle threads. It includes a purge container that coll...
Electric Whisk
An electric hand-whisk is a handheld mechanism used for whisking, beating or stirring different liquids. It generates this whisking or mixin...
Recycled Concentrated Solar Heater
Pierce Mayville
solar water heater
Open Source Pellet Extruder Tool Head for a Desktop 3D Printer
This tool head once complete will be the first Lulzbot compatible FPF-style extruder assembly.
La Yuca rainwater 2014
Jacob Burns
Our objective for the water project for the 2014 Practivistas Dominicana Program in La Yuca is to replace the flat piping system, used to ca...
Sample Rotator Mixer
This Open Source 3D sample rotator accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between. Chan...
Building an inexpensive mosquito net
Steffan Miliucci
Mosquito bed-netting represents the most inexpensive way of effectively eliminating mosquito bites while sleeping.
Arctic Cat Snowmobile Choke Lever
Snowmobile Choke
Customizable Bike Light Mount
These lights can be needlessly expensive, so I designed a customizable mount that can be used with any standard flashlight. This, paired wit...
Tent Stake Pierson
These technologies must be "appropriate technology" (AT) - meaning technology that is designed with special consideration to the environment...
Make your own Honey Cow (Top Bar Bee Hive)
The Honey Cow is designed to mimic nature as much as possible.
Yamaha Quick Fastener
This device qualifies as an OSAT Project because it was a request made by someone who needed snowmobile parts. This device is a fraction of ...
Flock House Geared-Up From the Feet-Up
The “Flock Pods” are intended to be renewable homesteads. Most food and energy needs will be generated through the “Flock Pods” internal sys...
Adjustable Heated Bed
an adjustable heated bed that we could adjust to heat only the parts that we want to print on.
Heliostat or Sun Tracker
Print Design
This project is designed so that it could be used for tracking the sun light and convert it to electrical power using the solar panel. I hav...
Field Ready Design - Nebuliser Connector
The reason this design challenge was created was to replace a poorly designed connector for an air hose on a nebuliser. The current fitting ...
Seed Spreader / Salt Shaker
This design can fit any 2L bottle and can be scales down to fit other size bottles. This takes an old 2L pop bottle and turns it into a seed...
Flock House Hyper Visible Power Meter
The objective is to design a power meter which displays two types of data: the status of the battery and the power generated by volunteers f...
Cotton to yarn maker
The yarn can be used as threads in the textile industry
Potato Ricer
This design is a 3D printed potato ricer. Potato ricers work by extruding cooked potato (or possibly other starch rich foods) through small ...
Ergonomic Ice Scraper
This is an Ergonomic Ice Scraper. This is a very cheap alternative to buying expensive ice scrapers. It fits in your hand nicely and also wo...
Las Malvinas botica popular ecoladrillo 2013
The objective for this project is to build a small local pharmacy (Botica Popular) for the people of Las Malvinas, which will provide basic ...
One Way Ratchet
The ratchet is a fairly common tool in today's world. A major advantage of a ratchet is that many tool attachments can be put on the ratchet...
Bike Chain Guard
Alyssa Knoester
It improves the safety of a bike for people who may not have access to a new bike or chain guard and is attached simply by string or a zip t...
Ultimate Snow Scraper
This project aims to fill the need for a small item that can be placed in a car, which serves the purpose of clearing snow and large ice fro...
Powder maker - Chilies and herbs
Powder maker - Chillies and Herbs
MY4777 Athena Printer Modifications by Cikaub
Heated bed that still allows for the addition of extuder fans and secondary hotends.
DIY Solar Panel
a solar panel that produces enough energy to charge a smaller battery or a device
GPS Belt Clip
This GPS clip is an attempt to alleviate that issue by allowing a user to mount a GPS to a belt, backpack strap, or other webbing attachment...
Concrete trowel
This trowel would help fulfill the needs of affordable tools for concrete and interior work on houses and buildings in developing countries....
The purpose of project CCATBox was to design a composting toilet system to be used at CCAT in order to save water and recycle the nutrients ...
Design of a low-cost household water treatment system
B. Dawney
The presented treatment unit serves as a means to reduce turbidity in water to be subsequently treated with solar water disinfection (SODIS)...
3D Printed Carpet Knife
Carpenter knife
Garden Hose Splitter
This OSAT is a garden hose splitter that can be used to split water streams from a common garden hose nozel. This splitter can be customized...
Pipette Carousel
This Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) fulfills a request for pipette accessories on the "Requests for 3-D printable open source app...
CCAT papercrete clayslip demo wall
This brick footing serves to keep natural plasters and infill material from coming in direct contact with the ground
Club foot Brace for Infants
A 3D printable brace that can be used to treat children born with club foot. The brace is able to be adjusted in several different direction...
Zero-electricity refrigerator
This zero-electricity fridge addresses the issue of people in third world countries not having electricity
Cassava Press
The cassava press designed as a piece of open source hardware is a small scale press that could be used in a household, or for personal use ...
3D Printed Otoscope
An otoscope is simple device used in the diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat diseases. It is essentially a magnification lens with a light an...
Newspaper Briquette Maker
This technique thus limits than range and amount of people able to use those makers. Other makers can attach to a wall and be pulled down li...
Momentum Fire Starter
With this tool and a skilled user, many fires could be started much quicker and the user would have no blisters. The scad file can be custom...
Custom Shovel Handle
Kylar stern
This is a shovel handle to either replace broken ones, or add one in where the shovel/hoe/whatever tool has only the wooden handle. Grips su...
Mirco Lathe
This OSAT is a Micro Lathe. While in Beta, it is nearly parametric in order to scale to the supplies on hand, and can be altered to meet the...
Mobilization Wedge
This is a mobilization wedge used by physical therapists to perform manual spinal mobilization techniques and other various exercises. The t...
Electroplating holder
Electroplating on limited area on a sample requires means to prevent electrolyte contact or insulating material in the areas that are not be...
Homemade Wheel Hoe
Wheel hoes are fantastic labor savors in larger gardens and organic farming.
Hand Drill
This is a 3D printable hand drill which can be used to drill holes in any soft material such as wood. This design is based largly of old ant...
CCAT Raised Garden Beds
By building garden beds and growing within a controlled environment will make the plants grow healthier and also will prevent toxic chemical...
Ball sorting machine
Jérémy Bonvoisin
The “ball-sorting machine” is a work-in-progress concept of a purely mechanical machine capable of sorting balls by weight order using a sel...
Brake calliper of blackmamba bicycle
The objective of the project is to 3D print as many parts possible of this bicycle which is very commonly used in the third world countries ...
Open-source 3-D Platform for Low-cost Scientific Instrument Ecosystem
The combination of open-source software and hardware provide technically feasible methods to create low-cost, highly-customized scientific r...
OSHE Growbot Mounting Units
This project is for the Growbot project by the Open Source Hardware Enterprise at Michigan Tech. The Growbot aims to provide an open source ...
Semi-Permanent Stake
This Stake has been designed to serve as a semi-permanent connection between earth and man made shelter. current stakes work well but do not...
Home biogas system (Philippine BioDigesters)
The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9...
Open-Source 3D Printed Surgical Retractors
Chrissy Kaub
In many developing nations, there is a constant demand for medical supplies, which are not only sometimes small in quantity but are often ha...
Carriage-Connecting Rod Sound Dampener.
This page lays out the steps required to convert your current Delta Athena II printer to reduce the rattling of the connecting rods during p...
AutoInjectors are a spring-loaded device that aides in delivering the proper dosages of certain medicines. The have built-in adjusters to en...
CCAT interpretive wind turbine display
This project is designed to give a basic understanding to anyone who may be interested in the mechanics involved in converting the energy of...
Micro-Turbines for Water Power
This is a cross-flow turbine[1], essentially a water wheel turned by naturally flowing water to produce energy. Unlike a dam, or a mill whee...
Nut Cracker
This nutcracker is fully made with a 3D printer. Designed for high volume processing of a variety of nuts.
Clamps with gearing system
A clamp is used in many stages of manufacturing and assembly. Holding things in place during these processes will yield higher quality parts...
3-D Printable Digital Balance
This OSAT is a digital mass balance with two outputs: Digital output for data logging capabilities, and an LCD display.
Fish Hook Extractor
It allows fisherman to spend their time more efficiently, fish for longer periods of time, catch more fish, use fewer hooks, and cut down on...
Laser trip-wire shutoff
Kev Man
Laser Trip-wire shut-off for Delta Printer
Custom Built 3D Printable Motor
Jordan Null
People looking to purchase motors similar to the ones in the market
Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps
This is a parametric FreeCAD model that can be adapted to a variety of threaded or unthreaded pharmaceutical pill/medication bottles.
Welder Plug Cover
This cover is for a NEMA 6-50 plug.
Fume Extractor
Fume extractor is used in laboratories to extract harmful chemical fumes
Julian Stirling
A mechanical tester which uses a welded frame, a number of 3D-printed parts, an Arduino, and a few other simple components. The tester is fo...
OpenFlexure Delta Stage
Richard Bowman
A delta-bot stage based on the OpenFlexure design
Bicycle Hub
This model uses loose ball bearings which are not as ideal as sealed cartridge bearings when used with PLA.
Drop Spindle for Spinning Wool into Yarn
The Drop Spindle is an ancient tool used for spinning fibers such as wool, cotton, flax, and hemp into yarn, without the need for a large, e...
A disabled person can sit in these chairs normally, remove the seat to expose a bucket as a toilet, and dispose of excrement by removing the...
OSAT 3D Printed Gravity Light
Josh Mucinski
This project was to replicate the already produced gravity light into the 3D Printed and open source world.
Free-Libre Hardware RFID handheld device
A contactless smartcard solution using Mifare Classic card.
Athena Heated Print Bed
AS heated print bed also has the advantage of being able to use a surface like PEI (polyetherimide) to print onto.
Syringe Pump
Drew Portero
We created a large volume open source DIY syringe pump from commonly available and 3D printed parts that allows for high accuracy and repeat...
3D Printable Goniometer
Goniometers are simple devices used to measure the angular range of motion of human limbs. It is common for doctors to monitor the muscular ...
La Yuca small scale renewable energy 2012
The objective of this project is to improve upon the previous summer’s project. The turbine design will be altered so that it may be more ef...
3-D printable solar charger
This is a solar charger or an emergency light. It runs on a 6660 mAh battery.
DIF Adobe Senior Center
The final goal of this project was to provide a refuge for homeless senior citizens within the compound of the Parras Desarollo Integral de ...
Grout Trowel
The first main taks and what this tool is made for is spreading grout for tiling.
Improved 3D Printed Bike Grips
This bike handle is designed to be 3d-printed. It has been tested using standard PLA, but should work with any other standard printing mater...
Basic Tent Stake
A simple tent stake. Tent stakes are something used all over the world. They could be used to pitch a tent on a camping trip or to secure a ...
Oliver Schlüter
Zink-Luft Brennstoffzelle plus Recycler
Dew collection roof retrofit
This work offers a primer to the topic of AWVPs, and a description of how to build a dew collection rig. Unfortunately, dewfall is not curre...
Hanging Garden that Minimizes Water Use
The purpose of this design is to allow people to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs close to their home with minimal space and water usage. ...
Reindeer Snaffle
Snaffles, or more commonly referred to bits, are the metal pieces that riders use to give commands to their mount. For this particular page,...
OSAT toilet paper holder
This toilet paper holder is an appropriate technology because it allows people in developing countries to store and use their toilet paper c...
This Stethoscope only requires some surgical tubing or similar airtight tubing and 3D printed parts.
Chris's ENGR305 Solar Food Dehydrator
Food dehydration is both a desirable and appropriate technology for many reasons which include increasing the shelf-life of food without hav...
Recyclebot Cooling Fan Section
This project is an upgrade on the current Recyclebot v5 cooling section. The previous design uses a top-down approach at cooling off the fil...
Customizable shovel handle
Printing a shovel handle is an easy way to ensure you are getting what you need and my design will make sure it is also comfortable in your ...
Open Visual Stimulator
Andre Maia Chagas
The open visual stimulator is a projector system that can take up to six different leds with any chosen wavelength and project images, video...
Parametric elbow splint
Arm injuries are a very common occurrence, especially with children and younger adults that are working in manual labor
An open-source incubator for fun and profit.
Water bottle to sippy cup converter cap
water bottle cap modified to turn any water bottle into a sippy cup
Open Source Bike Brake
This project is an attempt to create a simple bicycle brake for the open source community. This brake relies on minimal hardware and uses sc...
Thumb Spike
Travis W.
This thumb splint for broken or sprained thumbs was designed to be an durable but affordable parametric brace. The design prints in two flat...
Parametric quick release buckles
Buckles are very useful and found on a wide variety of items; however, if one breaks, it is hard to find a cheap replacement. Since buckle s...
Gravity Light Attachment
Daniel Donovan
The need that this fulfills is to provide light to any area without the need for a power/electrical hookup, as well as possibly providing a ...
Drone Search and Rescue supplies attachment (DJI Phantom 3)
This is a payload attachment for the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. Unlike other payload attachments, this does not require the removal of the ca...
FBP LC Sheller
The Full Belly Project is an organization which creates low cost, simple technological solutions to be implemented in developing countries. ...
Bee Feeder
Feed bees with our very own sugar water bee feeder
Wood Planer
Planes are tools which are used to shape wood by removing thin uniform strips of wood. There are many types of planes, as a start this is a ...
Sailing cam cleat
Thomas Korejsza
This OSAT design is an economical alternative for a cam cleat. Basic cam cleat designs are utilized for many functions. They are typically u...
Ram Pump
This pump is designed to allow someone in an area with hills with a water source far away. The ram pump does have a lot of waste water compa...
Hand Rotary Edger
This OSAT project was a request and I was unable to find any attempts of a rotary edger in the current database. This model requires additio...
Laurel Tree Charter School ovenly inferno
The purpose of this project is to create a low embedded energy, natural, beautiful way to cook pizza.
Rain chain
The rain chain directs the water down the chain from the spout and can be collected into a bucket or place where a puddle is okay to form. T...
Sprinkler Head
Mayank Moon
People spend hours in the scorching sun to make sure that they water there crop, and mostly done manually. By 3D printing the design mention...
This hammer is an appropriate OSAT because a hammer is one of the most basic and necessary tools to build a structure. A hammer like this wo...
Flash Light
This is a much safer way to light dark areas then a gas lamp, which can start fires and releases harmful gasses.
Backpack Snap-fit Clips
This type of clip is found on a variety of items, most commonly backpacks, and work well. However, I have found that if you break one, it is...
Umbilical Cord Clamp
This OpenSource Appropriate Technology used in Manufacturing Umbilical Cord Clamp is one such step in providing a relatively cheap and quick...
Depth-adjustable Rope Pump
The depth adjustable rope pump uses an adjustable pipe system to solve these problems. Using only one PVC pipe size to draw up water at any ...